Spot The Difference

The quick fire spot the difference game. Can you find the differences fast enough ?
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High Score Table
Rank Name Score
1. beast 34
2. Grueber 14
3. Grueber 2

How to play Spot the Difference

Wether you prefer to say spot the difference or find the difference, this game is for you. It's spot the difference with a twist. Instead of finding the differences between two images, you will see four images. One of the four images is different from the others. Your task is to find and then click on the image that's different.

You get three lives which means that you can get the answer wrong twice before the game will finish when you lose the third. The quicker you answer, the more points you will get for spotting the image that's different. However, if you don't find the difference quickly enough then you'll score zero and lose a life.

If you do really well you can add your name to the spot the difference high score table where you'll find the scores of the recent best players. The score stays on the board for 24 hours so you can revel in a small bit of fame.

Enjoy and good luck !

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